Coaching for who? For what?

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Do you work in a company where the leaders appreciate the importance of leadership development and coaching? How the leaders of your company to improve their leadership skills?
One of the most powerful that we can ask is: "Our company culture encourages it leaders to fully develop their leadership capacity? Leaders are emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent are intrinsically motivated to improve their leadership skills.

Find the right cover
If the coaching services are used to explore the points of improvement, or to expand potential, there remains a challenge in finding and acquiring the right professionals to provide excellent coaching to the development. As a profession emerging, there is a lack of standardization of practice. The practitioners come from fields as diverse as management coaching, management, training, human resources development, and psychology. Some have never had coaches before, but have adopted their own personal style of coaching. Unfortunately, some have simply changed professional title and do the coaching.
Developing leaders is the life blood of an organization. The most successful organizations fill a pipeline full of good potential leaders.

I give coaching of leadership to many people. I have noticed that many do not have a vision on the improvement of skills. The top leadership assesses frequently an incomplete list of leadership competencies when determining future leaders.

The coaching leader is a partnership or a collaborative process with the separate goal of helping you to improve in the areas that are most important to you. You will likely get the most of your experience if you are fully committed with an open mind willing to learn and to grow.

It is important to focus clearly on what the desired outcome or successful. As a general rule, work on one or two main objectives contributes to and perform in them. During a session, powerful questions are posed to help you explore the areas relevant to help you achieve results that are aligned with your values and your purpose.

You will probably be asked by your coach to consider working on a mission between meetings. Sometimes, I'm going to recommend a book relevant article or maybe a task that will deepen your learning. Be creative and inspired, the coach can adapt his coaching to your needs at the time. I set always rules of accountability to maximize your success.
A number of my clients of coaching have found that taking notes during our sessions were useful. We all busy lives and have a tendency to forget what we learned when we return to this omnipresent "To Do"List.

When you are looking for a support, of a coach, there are a lot of choices.

That is what makes me different from any other coach?

I think the difference lies in my strength of adaptation, my direct approach and my empathy. I think I have a understanding profound psychological of human behavior. I don't work on theory, but on pragmatic approaches access on the emergence of your own potential. I am a former executive with a broad experience in the development of creative leadership and that can help you generate new ideas and innovative solutions to your problems. For many, I am also a trusted advisor.